OB on Entertainment Weekly

14 Jun

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Article/Interview on the Grio

14 Jun

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New ABC News article on Obama Boy!

14 Jun

'Obama Boy': The Rainbow-Colored Presidential Crush of 2012 – ABC News.

Obama Boy on the Today Show

14 Jun

Obama Boy was discussed on the Today Show! Watch it here.

Check us out on CNN!

14 Jun

The Obama Boy video was featured on CNN’s John King show.
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‘Obama Boy’ replaces 2008’s ‘Obama Girl’

Obama Girl Reaction to Obama Boy

13 Jun

Obama Girl has checked out our video and had this to say:

“Pretty much I think it’s hilarious I’m flattered too! Lol”

“I’ve been waiting for someone to do this and this guy did it :)”

Thanks Amber!

The making of Obama Boy: Behind the scenes

13 Jun

Check out Pico, the Obama Boy dog, and Justin in the recording studio, doing his thang.